My name is Tom Cunningham and I’m a woodworking enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio. Woodworking is a way for me to express my creativity and destress in my spare time. Broken Armchair began with (surprise, surprise) a pair of broken armchairs.

While traveling, I encountered two gorgeous but dilapidated chairs in desperate need of attention. This initial project took over a year to complete because I was restoring them in a studio apartment and working two jobs. After much neglect, they finally came out the other side exactly as envisioned. A stunning antique tapestry replaced their horrifying red vinyl seats. The tacky veneer revealed solid walnut underneath. Rusty frames became semi-glossy black frames.

I have been woodworking since high school and reconnected with this passion through the restoration of these armchairs. The satisfaction I found in the hard work and thought that went into these chairs inspired me. I’m motivated by the craftsmanship of projects like these armchairs, and I look forward to completing more in the near future. The purpose of Broken Armchair is to share, document and sell my restoration projects.

Follow along as I craft and create.


He’s a border collie mix and when he is not the shop dog, he can be found on patios all over Cleveland, swimming at Edgewater Park and hiking in Hocking Hills. Milo was rescued from a no-kill shelter in St. Clairesville, Ohio. After serving a short stint in prison where he learned some obedience, Milo received parole and was turned over to his best friend.